Does your district stand up for summer?
A growing movement of educators across California have signed on as champions of high-quality and engaging summer learning. Will you?
As a strong supporter of expanding access to summer learning opportunities for California’s students, I am proud to be signing on as a Summer Matters champion because summer learning is essential to students’ K-12 success, and every California student deserves a summer filled with engaging and enriching learning activities that support educational success, physical health and overall well-being.

I believe that summer learning is best when students are:

1. Exposed to new adventures, skills and ideas 
2. Experiencing a mix of activities — reading, writing, math, science, arts — in ways that are fun and engaging 
3. Getting better at doing something they care about 
4. Working with their friends on group projects 
5. Enjoying nutritious food, physical activity and time outdoors 
6. Getting enough time — at least a month — to benefit from these experiences
I stand with dozens of educators from across California in calling on superintendents, school board leaders, principals, policy makers, business leaders, child advocates, parents and students to join the growing Summer Matters movement to ensure every child has access to summer learning opportunities that support year-round learning and well-being.

I believe that Summer Matters.

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